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ON-SITE with GV Multimedia - A school install using connektgear AV modular kits

Posted by: Deanna Rowley on
ON-SITE with GV Multimedia - A school install using connektgear AV modular kits

What is in our AV Modular Kits?

Our AV Snap-in Modular cable kits allow you to create a secure and convenient connection between your PC & AV device, that can be easily concealed within walls or trunking. No soldering, no messing around, just a quick and easy install with the comfort of a lifetime warranty. With this kit, you will get a double back box, a double faceplate with a bevelled edge, snap-in modules to match up with all the cables in this kit, and 2 screws to secure it all.

Within our kits you will also find all the standard cables you would need for an AV install like:

  • 10m HDMI 2.0 male to male cable, which can support a 4k UHD display
  • 10m 3.5mm male to male cable
  • 10m VGA male to male cable
  • 10m USB A male to A female active ext. cable
  • 2m USB A male to B male cable

All these cables are from our connektgear range and are designed to be long-lasting and durable, without compromising the quality of the connection. This kit is also designed to be future proof; it is extremely easy to upgrade if needed.

Hear it from one of our customers:

It’s easy to sit there and listen to us “toot our own horn” however, we value our customer’s opinions and enjoy hearing how well our products work for them, so we took the opportunity to interview Pete Townsend of GV Multimedia whilst he was installing one of our AV modular kits at a local school. Pete specialises in installations for the education market. Here is what he had to say about our kit after many successful installations using the connektgearAV modular kits:

Q- How long have you been using Group Gear?

Pete- “As for Group Gear – I have been using their kit for about 10 years, during that time I have worked for a number of companies and always taken Group Gear with me.”

Q-Why do you continue work with Group Gear?

Pete- “The pricing is fantastic, that box (the AV module) is probably half the cost of the major competitors” “Any cable or anything of that nature (that I need) the first thing I do is I go on your website and look for your unit, and that’s it. I don’t go anywhere else.”

Q- You worked with Group Gear to customise the kits to suit your needs, how did you find this process?

Pete- “Yeah you’ve made it (the module) slightly deeper (and staggered the cable in on the back of the module) Yeah that’s good it works fine, but no I don’t have any issues with these, the delivery is reliable, the kit itself works, so why would you want anything else”

Q-Do you find the kits a cost-effective solution? And if so why?

Pete- “all the components that you use are low-cost individual items, so the margins are minimal, and the pricing that we get is great, no issue at all with pricing, it’s fantastic. That box just works for me, every time I use it, I’ve never had an issue. And the odd occasion where I get a bad module, they send a replacement straight away, so I wouldn’t change (suppliers)” “I never have a problem with this unit”

Q-How do you find the quality of the kits?

Pete- “The kits I purchase from Group Gear are great. They come in a range of lengths as standard but there is always the option to customise them to suit a specific job. It gives a simple, time-saving installation and just works. It so nice to have a component for an installation that comes as a complete package and to have the confidence that it is going to work.”

Q-We are upgrading to HDMI 2; do you see any big benefit within the education sector of us moving up to HDMI 2.1?

Pete- “It’s not going to make any difference at all, but the point is if it’s not any major increase in price, then do it anyway, but if it bumps the price, probably not because they’re really struggling in regard to funding at the moment.”

Q-Do you get good feedback from the schools where you install this kind of kit?

Pete- “Yeah! Yeah, what I try to do is if I get a call into a school, then I want the next one (install), I want the one after that, and the better the service we can give them, and no one’s ever come back to me and said your cabling is awful, because it isn’t.”

Q-Are there any other points you would like to add?

Pete- “The websites really nice now”

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Author: Deanna Rowley

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